Remote Work ('Telework')
Introduction Support for SMEs

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Remote work has increased its demand due to Olympic, work from home, work style reform, and government's declaration of state of emergency.
We would like to provide quick and low-cost assistance to company whom plan to begin remote working but needs network team or personnel.

Accessible to company's data while staying at home.

Now you can get a 100% subsidy,
up to 2.5 million yen!
(※ Various conditions apply)

What is remote work ('Telework')?

It is innovative work style to reduce the burden on employees who is in situation such as unable to come to office due to injury, child care, or moved to satellite office owing to outbreak of pandemic in original office after a state of emergency was announced.

Anxiety Against Remote Work

What are the benefits for businesses and employees?

Employee who need to be engaged to family care or child nurture.
Company can achieve human resource with no physical distance restriction, which leads to increase of hiring choice.
It also contributes to reducing of expenses such as transportation and light.

Unsure of what or
where to start

Glodia has provided customized services to clients in a variety of industries. Remote work is basically capable as long as you have the equipment you are currently using and payment free communication tools.
We will listen carefully and closely to make a proposal that fits the scale of the customer.

We don't have the money for capital investment

No major capital investment is required. Also, no learning cost to your employees. In addition, now we have opportunities to take advantage of government grants.
We will carefully understand your network environment and propose a service with a small start at minimal cost.


Provide adequate environment and equipment at a low price

Telecommuting does come with its own security risks.
Especially via home routers and public Wi-Fi have a possible risks such as communication eavesdropping, modification of the destination, and malware infection.
Glodia's remote work environment introduction services can solve these crises.
Using a private network (VPN), you can safely connect to file servers and business systems located at the company's headquarter.
No need to worry about prying eyes or eavesdropping since the communication is encrypted as a countermeasure against information leaks.
We only provide the teleworking environment and equipment and do not sell products, so it can be implemented at a low cost.

Four Major Points


Even including equipment costs,
it's still low cost


Can be implemented in as little
as 2 weeks from your order


Configured for your environment
in one go


Safely encrypted by using VPS
with Authentication

Glodia will steps
in to customer environment

The biggest challenge of telecommuting is the decrease of casual communication. If you don't get the correct tools selected, ways to used, and rules of operation, even a good tool won't take root in your company.
By using a variety of communication tools, it is possible to eliminate the lack of communication, improve productivity, and exchange opinions in a lively manner.
Glodia acts as an advisor, carefully discusses the customer's environment and propose the most appropriate tools and rules.

Remote Work ('Telework') Subsidy

Now, you can receive up to 100% of the subsidy for telecommuting.
Please contact us as soon as possible since it is first come, first served.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Subsidies for the improvement of overtime work
Telework Course

There are telework (remote work) courses and workplace awareness courses. We mainly handle the telework courses. For more information, please visit this page.

Click here for details.

Tokyo Foundation for Employment Services

Business Continuity Emergency Measures
(Telework) Subsidies

This subsidy was established by the Tokyo Foundation for Employment Services. Required to be participating in the 2020 TDM Promotion Project. For more information, please visit this page.

Target Company
  • (1) Small and medium-sized enterprises, that employ at least 2 but not more than 999 workers on a regular basis and have their headquarters or offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • (2) Participate in the "2020 TDM Promotion Project" implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (other requirements may apply)
Subsidized Expenses
  • ・Purchase cost of equipment
    (e.g. computers, tablets, VPN routers)
  • ・Equipment installation and setup fees
    (e.g. installation and setup of VPN routers and other devices)
  • ・Maintenance and other business consignment fees
    (e.g. equipment maintenance costs)
  • ・Operational support costs for the introduction of equipment
    ((e.g. the cost of creating manuals to explain the operation of introduced equipment)
  • ・Lease payments for equipment
    (e.g. such as PC lease fee)
  • ・Fees for the use of cloud services and other tools
    (e.g. communication tool usage fees)
Implementation Period The program must be completed by September 30th 2020, after the grant decision date.
Subsidy Rate 100% (Maximum amount per company: 2.5 million yen)
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We are eager to contribute to your company
with our professional IT Office Environment skills

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We appreciate your understanding.

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